About Us

Major Customers

We have been working since 2008 for Nestlè Italia along with Corporate Affair Director delivering monthly report and crisis reports. We created for them the Web Voices report, an executive summary to be distributed to management of all brands.

MSC Cruises was our first global client. We have been appointed on 2011 to follow globally the conversation about the brand and its market. Global Marketing and Digital Dept. are our internal touch point. Six languages to cover 42 markets with a monthly report plus crisis reporting.

The United Nations is a global organization that brings together its member states to confront common challenges, manage shared responsibilities, promote global development. E-Government is one of the major tasks and we support the Unit with digital intelligence and data analysis.

Comin & Partner  is a major provider of strategic communication consultancy and institutional relations for companies, managers and organisations. We support their activity with clients with web and social media listening campaign.

Fujifilm Healthcare is one of the fastest growing business for the Japanese Corporation. We support them at European level with strategic consultancy, web and social media listening, SEO & SEM activity.