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We are the fourth W
in a World Wide Web
where Words
make your Worth.

Where are we?

Where technology and consultancy meet, here you find Buzztech.

We provide a Web and social media listening service with the purpose of generating insights.

What do we do?

(in short)


  • Web and social media listening
  • Data analysis
  • Reports & insights
  • Crisis support
  • Custom dashboards

Can we help you?

The answer is yes.

With an extensive experience in handling multinational and global accounts in several industries like Food, Pharma, FMCG, Travel & Tourism, Corporate Relations, our staff of editors and analysts is multilingual and with an average 8-year seniority on consultancy.

Why social listening?

If you listen, you understand.

What is social listening?

In a world of constant changes, it is essential to have full knowledge of and awareness of such dynamic reality. Relationships interlacing companies, brands and customers are increasingly intricate and evolving.

How do you disentangle such complexity? With social media and web listening.

One step ahead.

Digital listening tools combined with our expertise and consulting experience will not only make you move with the times, but also allow you to predict and be ahead of the times.

We listen with the intent of understanding.