Why choose Buzztech?

We have a problem-solving attitude, a customizable platform, and a senior market research expertise.

We are not just another platform provider, we are a partner supporting all web and social media listening operations and helping the customer’s staff to extract insights from the huge amount of information available.


We develop our tools in-house in the most flexible and configurable way and upon the customer’s request.

Our technology can help you collect consumer trends, patterns, and behaviours, along with sentiment detection and analysis.

Our digital intelligence tools are always learning and under development.


Our expert social media analysts will always answer your questions and provide you with any support needed.

  • Strategic insights reports
  • Custom reporting
  • Real-time monitoring and alerts
  • Crisis management

We can give you both!

We look at data for you and with you.

Every report we make and every dashboard we customize are designed and made to measure according to the customer’s needs.

Our people make the difference.