Use Cases


Custom technology and custom experience: a 100% customizable platform to improve the user experience at its best. Be able to plan and define your projects, tailoring it on your tasks.

Your journey is as important as your experience!


Our strength is your chance to have our experience and expertise at your service!

Real time monitoring and alerts, custom reporting, crises management, strategic reports, personalized solutions and enhancements.

Brand and products

Brand mentions online build your brand image. Our platform can be used as brand reputation monitoring tool not only with consumer sentiment analysis detection but our experts can prepare specific analysis about relevant topics around your brand and products.

Customer Experience

Be aware of your customer requests, questions, and concerns by tracking social media and monitoring online conversations. Hear the voice of your customers and identify their behavior and sentiments, being always one step ahead.

Competitor Analysis

Tracking your competitors can benchmark your results against them. Analyze competitive risk and challenges and detect other companies’ consumer sentiments in order to predict trends and terms in your industries. Monitor your share of voice as well as your competitors’!

Crisis Management

Timing is everything when facing a crisis or tackling fake news.

With custom dashboards and reports, you will always be aware of any real-time issue.

Activate real-time monitoring and alerts to prevent crises.

Trend Analysis

Track social media to gain actionable insights from social conversations. Anticipate your customers’ needs and learn how to surf trends as soon as they rise.

Market Research

Make informed marketing strategy decisions with target audience analysis.

Social marketing is more effective with a prompt evaluation of your consumers.

Campaign strategies

You can shape your trending campaigns speaking directly to consumers the way they want, based on what you have listened on social media. We can support you in developing your strategies.