A long history is an added value.

A long history of adaptability even more so.

Technology & Consultancy

Our expertise lies not only in technology, but also in consulting.

Over a decade in the most important global markets

We have learned in more than 13 years in social listening how to deal with collected data and how to analyze them in the most efficient ways.

Our secret?

We know there is not only one way.

We have expert social media analysts that can guide you through a web of words.

There is no button you press to get a result!

There is no one-size-fits-all solution, that’s why we provide in-house developed tools along with our consulting services. A real solution is always the result of analysis, content and market research,

It’s not easy at all!

However easy and intuitive technologies may become, a software for such analysis is never so simple.

We can develop and customize dashboards for you, but we can also assist you along your journey!

What we have done in more than 10 years

We guided our clients towards their goals

We delivered

Web and Social Media Listening Reports (monthly, weekly, daily)

We supported our customers in managing

key events with Social Media walls, live moderation

We followed and handled

Situations, crises, events

We collected a proprietary repository of

sources, in 9 languages