Data is important for the knowledge it can generate.

Knowledge is important if it can be translated into actionable insight.

Environmental issues also have immediate relevance, but often this is more limited to a continuous flow of contributions without a real translation into actions, suggested or proposed or implemented.

Obviously, the complexity of climate issues and their economic, social, and cultural implications pushes any analysis towards a multi-level dimension and never a two-dimensional one.

Since September 2021, we have started a process of collecting digital contributions related to climate issues, and this is the first contribution in a series, published every 15 days, which aims to highlight actionable insights.

The visualization begins with an analysis of the content related to various industrial sectors, which are in turn committed to advancing on ESG themes. We proceed to analyze the conversations and all digital content shared during the COP26, COP27, and COP28 periods, showing the relationship between web and social media content. From these, concrete action proposals are extracted.

The way industries respond to ESG themes varies, as does the volume of digital content relevant to ESGs across subsequent COPs: while in absolute terms digital content has been shrinking through the years, its relevance with regard to ESGs and industries grew, showing a gradual focusing on the issues at hand.

The change in actionable insights during subsequent COPs provides a measure of what was discussed in each COP, identifying recurring themes across the three COPs and those topics that have been less addressed over time.