What we do

Some projects

In these 10 years of activity, we had the chance to promote, to create and to participate to several projects and researches.

From the truly innovative contribution to the successful advertising campaign for Buscofen, born from one of our insight (curious about it? we will be pleased to tell you more) to the live data collection for projects with months-long lifecycle (as the International Journalism Festival Crowdfunding campaign).

We even went further with special projects like the ones presented below.

United Nations

E-government Survey 2018 Edition

The UN department of Digital Government publishes every two year a comprehensive report on the adoption of digital government practices by more than 200 nations. This year the department wanted to understand better the return on digital news and social media in the 9 most relevant languages.

We tracked the posts, the comments, the shares for 10 weeks in the main news outlets and social media channels delivering weekly reports with quantitative and qualitative insights.


Fake News distribution chain

Organizations live a time when they can be targeted by fake news of any type.

Worse yet, they can be target for topics not even related to their business and linked to the political life of a nation or other unexpected mysterious reasons.

We investigated on behalf of Nestlé the chain of distribution of a fake news about one of their brand, detecting the point of origin of the news, who was behind the story and several other information like the stream between blogs and Facebook pages.


Christening Ceremony Social Wall

From social media listening to live sharing during big events. 

The content and layout of the awesome social wall for the launch of the new MSC Cruises flagship, MSC Seaview, curated by Buzzdetector.

During the launch ceremony in Genoa, thousands of user-generated contributions from Instagram and Twitter were collected on our proprietary platform and managed with a tailored interface to allow one-touch selection and moderation on any device. 


Donatella Versace on Instagram

Donatella Versace is one of the most prominent individuals of the global fashion industry. She has been at the creative helm of the Versace Maison for years now and is one of the drivers of its rebirth. She then decided to open her own Instagram account to contribute to the creative image of the brand.

Our job was to follow the stream of conversation and comments, to handle a first level of moderation, to report relevant interaction for a quick reaction, to create reporting with wording, hashtag, emoticons. Listening was almost 24/7 for the first six months of the account life.

Boehringer – Ingelheim

PhTool Painkiller Market

The Painkiller market is extremely competitive and calls for high level of advertising investment on mainstream media. Being top of mind in clients’ perception is a never ending task between how much money can be put on the table, the pricing on the shelves, the visibility in the pharmacy. External factors such as conversations and searches may then be huge benefit for a brand.

The model developed along with Florence University allowed us to provide our client with a birds’ eye view on the entire market as well as a drill down for each single brand, the correlation between conversations and searches and the share of market.